winners develop-a-habit-of-doing-the-things-losers-dont-want


• Is an attitude
• It is a commitment
• It is a vision of your future
• Is a goal set and achieved
• A symbol of your expectations
• A way of life
• A way of tracking how you’re doing
• It’s positive reinforcement
• A faith in your future
• It’s a Mental discipline
• It’s a personal affirmation
• It’s a dynamic that creates ideas and willpower
• It’s what life is all about
• It cannot be ignored
• It’s determined by how much you earn
• It’s determined by how much you produce
• It’s determined by the leaders you produce
• It takes patience and will be accomplished if you resolve to win and see yourself winning.
• It’s your belief in self.
• It’s because you want to be somebody
• It means you want to be number one
• It means you’re tired of losing.
• It’s showing your conviction.
• It means you’re no longer average and ordinary.
• It means you ARE just doing it
• It means you are willing to do the tough things over and over again.

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