DID YOU KNOW that only five percent of people succeed and 95 percent of the people fail, no matter what realm of life or work you’re looking at. It’s true. Just one out of 20 people will ever achieve their goals in life. That’s how the numbers crunch out; it’s just the way it is.

Back in the early 1950s, the Hartford Insurance Company did a survey of 100 brand new college graduates-all approximately 25 years old.

They asked them this question:

“Will you achieve your financial goals within your working lives-within 40 years?” Every single one of them answered, “Yes!” Forty years later, in the early 1990s, the Hartford went back and checked out what had happened to all those now-65-years-old people. Here’s what they found:
One was wealthy, Four were financially secure, Six were still working, 35 were dead, and 54 were “dead broke,” having $200 or less left to spend each month after paying off their bills.
Five out of 100 had become successful. That’s only one out of 20.


What was missing for those 95 others? The answer has to do with GRAVITY-and the downward pull of life. REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE in the fourth grade? It was expected that you’d graduate and go on to fifth grade, wasn’t it? Your teachers, your parents, and all your classmates expected you to graduate. The whole system was geared to you moving from fourth, to fifth, to sixth grade and so on.

But what if nobody cared whether or not you graduated? What if the entire educational system, our society, and culture had absolutely no interest or expectation that kids would ever graduate to fifth grade?

Would you have done it?
If the structure were not in place for children to learn all the fourth grade stuff and pass the test, graduating and moving up to the new challenges of fifth grade, only five percent of us would ever do it!

Ask yourself this question:
Where is the expectation and the structure to support me in being a success in my life and work?
The alarming fact is that outside of our formal system of education, which most experts believe to be fatally flawed anyway, there is no expectation and no structure for your success-none.

We get what we expect-and only five percent of us ever expects to win and keep on expecting that. Plus, we have no structure, no system to support us succeeding in life. Isn’t that heavy? Well, life is heavy.
And it’s heavy because the predominant force in life is gravity and it’s always pulling us DOWN. It pulls 19 out of 20 people DOWN.

The Slight Edge is a success system ANYONE can use to break free of the downward pull of life and become the best you can be.

Here’s how you can make it work for you-

Here’s a chart you’ve probably seen before:

Your ACTIONS create your RESULTS, which in turn create the QUALITY OF LIFE you live and enjoy. Simple, powerful, and true.

The problem is, your actions are not the source of your problem. That’s why diets don’t work. You see, there’s another side to the equation, and that’s the place where your actions come from.

Take a look at this:

ATTITUDE > Actions > Results > Quality of Life

Your actions are created by your attitudes-but attitudes aren’t the heart of the matter, either. There is one thing more fundamental and essential …

Your Philosophy.
Your philosophy is your paradigm of the way life is, how life works (or doesn’t), and what’s the best way to live your life.

Simply put, there’s nothing more fundamental than your philosophy.

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